Vegan Colours of Spring

Well as I have said before I love my Thermomix and I am also a consultant for Thermomix here in South Africa. They are running a competition called Kombuis Kaptain (Kitchen captain). I entered the last round and was really happy and surprised to win. This Monday is the semi final and the theme is Vegan food. This may not seem so big a challenge, but South Africa really is a meat eaters world with Braais (barbecues) being the usual weekend activity.

Anyway I have been  looking everywhere for vegan friendly food and I am absolutely amazed by the number of recipes and things you can make without eggs, meat, dairy, fish. Thing to remember that a lot of processed foods have items in them that are ‘hidden’ such as in worcestershire sauce there is no mention of anchovies in it and yet it has an allergen warning about fish.

How about avocado chocolate mousse? Banana and coconut milk ice cream? Taco’s with cauliflower mince? Of course an easy one is a pasta dish like Pasta Prima Verde. Mushroom burgers, Vegetarian gyros; oh dear my biggest problem is deciding what to make.


The Thermomix computerised kitchen equipment with a cookbook loaded on it


Vegan middle eastern salad

So watch this space for my decision on the menu and also if you get a chance come along to Serrangeti Golfing estate club house, where the competition is being held and cheer on the participants. Costs R100 but there are snacks and drinks plus the money goes to charity.


Gazpacho and flat bread as a starter


our main courses mine being pasta Primavera and Zonelle made Fresh pasta with coconut bacon


My pudding of aCoconut and grenadilla custard with m’hanche and almond brittle


Zonelle grain bowl and my Gazpacho

Well update and I lost. I really did not deserve to win though as my main course was bland and totally without merit. I went and forgot olive oil etc and could so easily have added a pesto to my Pasta Primavera. So Zonelle won because she really did put in a huge effort. Next year will be  different story