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Hi There,
We are so glad you took the time to come visit My Country Woman. I remember reading a book many years ago which said that country women were great at doing many things and I have been lucky enough to have tried out so many things from making clothes to scrapbooking, cooking to crochet and everything in between.

My daughter Sarah and I work as cooks and enjoy the fact that we work from home even though we have to get up at 03:00 sometimes as people want their food early.

We live in an old sprawling – well old for South Africa – home built around 1940. We have amazing pressed ceilings and yellow wood floors. We currently have 8 dogs and a cat, who is often chased by the dogs but she can out manoeuvre them any day. We also have Alfie the hedgehog who is very cute.

I enjoy the countryside and fresh air and we try to get to our place at Bonamanzi which is at Bronkorstspruit dam. There we can sit and enjoy time away from the kitchen and there is nothing nicer than watching the sun set with a glass of good South African wine, a platter of cheese and carb free seed biscuits.

Please feel free to get in touch via the form below, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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