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A Garden to love.

Roses may be one of my favourite flowers. We are very lucky to have what I believe is a beautiful garden, which is mainly full of greenery with the occasional splash of colour. I like separate rooms  in a garden and that is what I have tried to do with ours.

a fairy seating area on the front stoep complete with a fairy light for night time.. The garden must be a sanctuary from stresses and trials. A place to sit with a coffee or glass of wine and meditate. The seat is actually for decoration as it is an old wrought iron cot which was being thrown out and so with our love of old and free we acquired it through a good friend

a simple fairy light so easy to make and yet so inspiring

On the front stoep or porch we have a sheltered seating place with plants in pots and tubs. This rose is in a pot by our front steps and it was just so perfect I had to take a photo of it.  I also try to go for older rose varieties as I find many modern ones are devoid of perfume. Like Hercule Poirot I love perfumed flowers. 

Living in a drought area where we get no rain for about six months of the year we need to be water wise and so have planted succulents plants which do not need lots of water. I am not a cats lover and yet they are winning me over with the way they survive the most difficult conditions.

These bright pink Vygies are in the back garden near the back door so that in spring we have the most amazing colourful display. To think they burst into flower around September time when we have had no rain for months. Gardens are really power houses of amazing energy.

brightly coloured and a welcome sight in spring

Vygie is afrikaans for small fig and this is  because of their seed which resembles a small fig. But many succulents don’t flower.

These are so beautiful and yet they live in a shallow pot that gets ignored most of the time.

Another plant which really must get a mention is Yesterday, today and tomorrow. This plant is not a native of South Africa but comes from Brazil where it is endemic. It flowers start purple, then lavender and then white, but the perfume can be overwhelming in spring time.

A very fragrant plant in the garden and there are times when it it is overwhelmingly perfumed.

One of the disadvantages of moving overseas is that you leave family and friends behind and after 33 years it is very difficult to keep in touch and be close. Unfortunately last year I got a phone call to say my sister had passed away suddenly. I do not see any point in flying home to the UK for a funeral rather go when the person is still around. So what I decided to do was to make a small seating area where again I can sit and jet reflect on things. I am very much into the angels and Archangels and spiritualism and so this is a small space where I have placed a small Buddha as well as Namaste and a mirror. It has loads of greenery as well as nasturtiums which are really good to eat and the Poinsettias from previous Christmas decor. These grow very well in gardens in South Africa and are trees in some areas.

just a special shaded place I am very Blessed

A tomato seeded itself. here I can enjoy peace and quiet

Life can be very rich with simple everyday pleasures. At the end of the day we also have amazing sunsets.  Africa is a truly special place where so many diverse cultures can actually enrich all our lives.  With 11 official languages in South Africa diversity is the key.

Sunset and a very special sky

Hectic Time

Hectic times seem to have been around for a while and I have not posted on here as I would have liked. With catering and Thermomix Demonstrations, as well as family life it seems to get busier everyday; but that is the same for everyone I think.

It is springtime here in Benoni and the Jakaranda trees are in bloom and they look amazing. The blooms don’t last long but while they do it just cheers up my day when I see them. Yesterday I had to photograph one and it was quite funny because everyone here is on their guard against crime. Anyway the owner to the home saw me and asked what I was doing. When I said just taking a picture of his tree he laughed and told me to have a good day. Here is that tree. We need to speak to each other more up in Gauteng.


Jakaranda time in South Africa

Springtime in Benoni

Well maybe not the same ring to it as Springtime in Paris but it is just as wonderful. To see the new shoots on the trees and plants never ceases to amaze me. We have had no rain for 6 months but come the warmer temperatures and everything comes alive. It is truly amazing.

Unfortunately we are going through a serious drought and we need to conserve water so now all the grey water from the sinks and appliances is going to water our plants. Also starting a wormery and compost heap and will be laying down loads of mulch to keep the soil as moist as possible.

Time to get planting vegetables I think so we can have real fresh organic produce without it costing an arm leg and hip.


Day lilly showing off for just one day


Vygies showing of to the sun 

Pansies in an Ashette


having made a friend some Bobotie the other week she brought the ashette back with some lovely pansies in it. I loved the look of this and feel it just goes to show what you can do with simple things.

We also haver an old gas braii (barbecue) which I planted up with alyssum and petunias which have reseeded themselvesIMG_3077