So at our place at Bonamanzi there is an old caravan which is in need of some TLC. If you are like me you love George Clarks amazing spaces on tv. Yesterday there was a man who renovated a  small caravan and he did an amazing job which inspired me to get stuck in.




Today we went down and started by getting all the junk out and start cleaning as a first step. I hate the colourless interior so I will get some nice paint and brighten it up. Also floor needs a little bit of attention as does the fact that there is no table in it. We have a gardener and he is super excited to help clean it out. I know South African privileged but he has no other work and this allows him to eat. Vincent is part of the family now and drives me mad sometimes but on the whole he is a God send.

Sitting under the trees watching the dam is so super cool and I want to turn this van into a nice shabby chic retreat. So watch this space