I get motivational quotes from the web from Facebook and friends everyday. To me they are quite exciting and important because I always seem to get the one I need that day.

Keep Trying

For example this one should have come before now.

As a self employed entrepreneur I should not have put of going to see a client I had thought about. I sell advertising via AI Yellow and of course I thought of going to a local business but like everyone I get nervous and had put it off.  So yesterday I had to go in to organise a quote for something else.  I looked at the counter and what did I see? There was the UBIZ advert on their counter> So because i hesitated another co-ordinator got in there before me and I lost a sale. You should never put of tip tomorrow what you should do today.

One thing I have learnt over the years is that you must keep believing in yourself. You are your own worst enemy. We always think others are better than us.

NOOOOO that is not true. we all are capable of amazing things. We can move mountains on our own.  So today look in the mirror and tell the person in it how great they are and how amazing they are.

Keep Trying and never give up on yourself. Keep on trying and doing your best











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