I’m Back

Well after a week of coping with the Flu and just trying to cope with work, blogging has been right at the back of my mind. So this morning I am feeling much better and I am back strong as ever.

After all that has been happening in the world these days I think we need to heed this motto and be grateful for what we have. The fact that we wake up, or we have food to eat, family whom we love and that love us. Its not the big things that count but the small acts of love and faith that happen everyday.

I just finished a book called Wild Honey by Bookey Peek. It is set in Zimbabwe and it is quite appalling how people are living there. The hunger and poverty whilst the fat cats steal and take everything, leaving huge unemployment and high inflation. People existing on water and cow dung.

Bookey Peek, Wild Honey, Honey badger, This is not a lambasting of anyone though. We need to learn to love and help each other on a daily basis and to understand that you are responsible for what you do. We also need to stop the greed and only use what we need.

Have a special day



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