Easy Sunday Lunch

Yesterday we had some friends over for dinner and decided to make it a real easy one. Entertaining these days is expensive. We are told inflation is around 6%, but go to the shops and you would have to disagree. So I went a cheaper route by having good quality Lincolnshire style herb sausages and pork bangers from Woolworths. We then made potato wedges, onion gravy, Yorkshire puddings, peas and corn as the main course. I had also made some soup but guests decided they didn’t want soup as we were having a pudding.

Chocolate biscuit base

For this one again I decided to use Oreo type biscuits but once which were half the price to the original. I used two packets of these and made these into crumbs. Added 85g melted butter and mixed them together. I used this to line a pie plate and put in the fridge to chill.

For the filling I used custard made in the Thermomix. But made it with chocolate instead of vanilla. You can do on top of the stove but I love doing in the Thermomix as it makes life easier.

Ingredients are ; 1 litre full cream milk, 150g of sugar, 50g cornflour, 4 eggs and 120 g of dark chocolate. I just loaded all that in and switched on the automatic cooking  of Thermomix. Of course you can heat milk and sugar together and using a small amount of milk slake the cornflour and add to pot. Then when hot add some of it to your eggs and stir before putting back into the saucepan. turn off and add the chocolate which you have chopped up. stir until smooth and then pour into the chocolate biscuit crust.

I refrigerated after pouring from Thermomix into the base. Added some lovely fresh raspberries which I put on top when cool, then spread the top with cream and it was enjoyed by all. Of course I could have piped this on and maybe next time I would put cream on and then raspberries on top of the cream. But it was delicious.

My only complaint is that there was a lot of carbs and not very clean eating but oh gosh it was delicious. Once in a while you just have to not worry about it.


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