Times Passing

We’ll anyone who knows me knows that last week I lost my phone and my life seemed to fall apart all at once. We don’t seem to realise that we depend on technology so much. My contacts were lost cause I didn’t back up to the cloud. You know I don’t know phone numbers now because I am so used to just pressing one button or even asking Siri to do it for me. SO this is a disaster.

Luckily my insurance company replaced it within 2 days but oh boy they were hectic days. Also recovering apps etc took so long.

Now that I am back with pinterest, Facebook, Pinterest, WhatsApp and Instagram, life seems much better, but that also made me think should we be this dependent.

Who uses physical libraries anymore and who reads paper books? Well I love a physical book. It is the feel of it and I hate it when the battery dies when I am in the middle of a good read. The other thing I keep thinking of is the fact that here in South Africa we don’t have a guaranteed electricity supply and so it is never guaranteed you can charge these items. Infrastructure is failing and corruption is syphoning money of that should be used to better the lives of the people of this country, but this is not a rant on politics or anything like that. It is an observation on how dependent we are now on technology.

A DESK LIKE WE HAD and when I see these I can still smell chalk dust ink and paper

As a school child I did not even have a calculator. The most we got was a slide rule which was high tech then and also our tables in mathematics and I have to say I am not sorry about that as I still know them and so can work things out in my head. Also that small bottle of milk when it was cold was great. It stopped many children getting rickets, which my Aunty Margaret had and this made her legs very bowed.

I do not decry modern technology, but I think we need more balance. Ask yourself what would your children do without TV or their laptops etc?  I know you hear this all the time from us old folks but getting out in the fresh air and playing hide and seek or scrumping for apples was healthy and we got dirty. We went out with the morning and came back with the evening. Yes we say things were safer in those days, but we need to make the environment safe for our children and not ignore social problems.

Potatoes roasted in the camp fire which turned your teeth black because of the ash, tasted amazing and washing dishes in a cold ‘burn’ or stream was an experience which I have never regretted. We were not rich financially but we were wealthy beyond compare. We had abundance. We ate everyday and we went on a camping holiday once a year. 

We also had aunts and uncles that would go on day trips with us. In fact my Aunty Mary used to take her brothers and sisters children to the seaside by train once a year while all the brother, sisters and partners went on a day out elsewhere. I still remember her nuttiness with a great deal of love. She was amazing and we were always welcome at her home in the country. Her Husband Bill Orr kept a piggery and I loved to visit it. I remember my niece and nephew falling in the pig sty when I took them and I had to go bath them. Oh did they smell bad.

Life should be balanced and that does not mean we don’t have to work hard but we do need to take extra time out with family and friends. When stressed go out and ground yourself by walking on the grass, putting your hands in the soil and thank God for the amazing world we live in. It is not things

Our Winston

that make us rich but our interaction with our world including friends, animals and the earth. Grow herbs and eat them; love your pets, they are waiting for you when you get home. They just ask to be allowed to love you.

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