Tuna Fish Cakes

I love fish cakes but they must be home made. One of my best recollections was taking the late night flight to Cape Town where my friend Maresse Gouk met me with her Dad. We then drove to the family home in Somerset West and had a midnight feast on  home made fishcakes which her Mom had made. I still remember them even though 30 years have past.

Fish cakes are so easy to make and you can even use canned fish so great for camping holiday.

All you need is about 600g of mashed potato. I prefer steaming to boiling as they absorb less water. Then if using tinned tuna add 2 cans of tuna that is well drained. I then add some spring onions and a bit of butter (if you did not add when mashing the potatoes) and lots of seasoning. I then just make them into equal size cakes and put them in the fridge to firm up.

Before cooking I dust them in a little flour and pan fry in shallow oil. You could make them carb clever by using sweet potato mash or a mixture of sweet potato and butternut mash. Dust in coconut lour and add perhaps some grated fresh ginger and eastern spices? easy and nutritious and you can ring the changes with them.



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