Holidays and Food

Well this weekend has seen a long weekend for many South Africans. Thursday was the celebration of Freedom Day and tomorrow is Workers Day. Many  workers took Friday of and are enjoying a long weekend away. I am enjoying one of those rare things called peace and quiet time. This is when I get a chance to me time. The fridge has food in it as does the freezers and we can have what ever we want to eat if it is in one of those.

So of course I end up looking through old magazine and finding ideas. Today I found a 3 year old copy of Plum which used to come out quarterly but I think it must have also closed as I have not seen it for ages.

Anyway one of the recipes was really an advertisement for Sea Harvest the frozen fish people. Why did I love it? Because it uses ingredients every one can source. Up here on the Highveld fresh fish is non existent unless you go to trout farms or the like. For most people fish is bought frozen and that includes me. Woolworths do good fresh fish but it is expensive. Sea Harvest is not cheap but a bit less expensive for this on a budget.

This calls for a variety of fish as it is a Medley of sea Harvest Fish with roasted vegetables. Now most can do that even if it is maybe two types of fish and a few varieties of vegetables.They served it with roasted vegetables. They used baby onions, marrows, aubergine, tomatoes and mushrooms, with seasoning , garlic and olive oil. 

On top of the fish you can see a tomato salsa. They used sun dried tomatoes, but you can easily make them yourself by slicing tomatoes and drizzling with olive oil salt and pepper. Spread the slices on a baking sheet and place in a cool oven around 120 for about three hours or until they look dried but not crisp.

From the picture though you can see that the presentation was everything. On a wooden board with each displayed separately. It helps if you have a food stylist handy but we can all do this.

One of the things I have learnt is go and buy some floor tiles that are black and not shiny. You can write in chalk on them for a cheese board or whatever. Black and white are best because they are dramatic, but I also love citrus colours like lime green, lemon yellow and orange. There is so much you can build around this.

One of the best deserts I ever had was a simple orange sorbet served in an orange skin, from an ice cream van in a small village called Corbiem in Pas de Callais.

The one thing I learnt in France is that simple food is not bad but in fact can be a feast especially with family and friends around the table who talk and chat and question, where a simple meal of ham, salad, cheese and wine last for a good three or four hours. The food must be good the menu simple and bread baked in a wood fire oven is amazing. No caviar or scallops, king prawns or the like. Just honest peasant food served with fresh home grown veg and no processed meat.

So it costs more than the processed meat etc. but you need less. Heaven in a mouthfull.

Keep it simple and enjoy food shared with friends.



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