South Africa a Land of Contrast

Well just got my new Freshliving Magazine FOR FREE as I a m a smart shopper. Everytime I shop I get points on my card which add up to money to spend in shop for whatever I want. I must admit I am shocked when people say no I don’t have one. Are you mad? it costs nothing and one time when we were a bit financially stressed my eldest daughter gave me hers to sure with a R1,000 on it. My family look out for each other that way.

Anyway this month they have an article on various places in South Africa. They include Qunu the home of Nelson Mandela. They use quotes from books which are famous works in South Africa. For Qunu they use The Long Walk to Freedom by Mandela “The village of Qunu was situated in a narrow grassy valley criss crossed by streams, and overlooked by green hills”.

I love the fact that its sparks interest in various areas of our diverse and beautiful country such as Ixopo, Kroonstaad, The Waterberg Biosphere – the only one  in Southern Africa. It is in Limpopo provence.

my entry in the heats last year of Kombius Kaaptain

One other thing that is amazing in the magazine this month is the diverse religions beliefs in our country. Buddhism, Christianity, Charismatic Faiths, Islam, Judaism and traditional healing and we all live side by side. We have 11 official languages.  Our cuisine is very diverse and what I also love is more and more [people are valuing South African cuisine, from Cape Malay, to Xhosa, italian and greek, Portuguese to Poitjie Kos

Come visit here as it really a wonderful country.

By the way making that lovely tart this weekend.

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