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Tuesday Quick Food

Yesterday I had some snacks to make and they asked for healthy. Now I am trying to stick to vegetarian or even vegan on a Monday following the Green Movement. So we made lovely rice paper rolls with stir fried veg and courgette rolls with home made Maas Kaas.

rice paper rolls and courgette rolls

So simple to make and quick. Especially as I used the induction plate which just goes so fast. We topped the courgette rounds with a cherry tomato and hey presto. So when you have friends over for a glass of wine try these. The rice paper rolls were topped with pickled ginger – my favourite – and sesame seeds, the chives and their flower from the garden.


Have a great Tuesday


Arty Farty That’s Me

No matter what it comes to I love to put my own stamp on things. Be it decor, sewing, crafting, scrapbooking etc. I used to design for an online scrapbooking site many moons ago. I love altering furniture and up cycling things. My husband always says my arty farty ways, and so did the 11 year old who was staying with us last week. I just love thinking and trying to use my hands to make things and places nicer. I suppose thats why I cook. Continue reading

Mothers of the World

Having grown up children and grandchildren you tend to forget what hard work children are, until one comes to stay with you for a week. Don’t get me wrong, it is so nice to have a house full of people again but it can also be a bit hectic and a bit like having a typhoon sweep though.  Continue reading

The Egg & Spoon Race

I love this picture of the ladies racing with a egg and spoon. I remember the school sports days when we had the sack race, the three legged race and more. Our childhood was much more physical and even healthier I think cause we spent so much time outside in all kinds of weather, sun, rain, snow you name it we played outside.

I was very lucky as well because my fathers and uncles and brothers loved to go fishing. We would go to the beautiful lochs around parts of the central highlands mainly around Callander and Crieff. Continue reading