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Home Again


Well we head home tomorrow and with the weather conditions Gauteng has been experiencing I must admit I will be happy to see my dogs and cat and my home. It is sad that the weather has caused deaths and many will have lost everything. Living in the squatter camps must be bad at the best of times but horrendous in torrential rain.


the family room in its old colours


Home made gnocchi fried instead of boiled but when I get home going to try with sweet potatoes

Goodbye to The South Coast but welcome home also. Thank you to our house sitters who looked after everything for us.

Memories and Modern Times

We are lucky to be away this week at the beautiful South Coast town of Shelley Beach. the weather was not good as we drove down on Sunday but it has improved and we are enjoying an amazing day today. Around 26 degrees and sunny.

view fromphoto_00139 our place at Clun Hacienda. In the mornings I have seen duiker and dasssies as well as the adopted 10 cats.

This is so nice after the stressful time at home where we never seem to stop working. I am not complaining though but I do admire those who opt out and live simply. Actually we live very simply ad it makes living in the moment so much easier.

I am not a beach lover unlike my eldest daughter and her family. I prefer a pool and never did enjoy sand in my food although as a child it was a regular condiment. It is strange how as children we are so easy to please and don’t care as long as we can build sandcastles, play in the sand and enjoy the sun on our faces. We don’t know that the sun is very important for us, as is fresh air and happiness.

it got me thinking of childhood times at Burnt island and the Fife coast. Camping in the Highlands of Scotland.  At the sea side, the shops selling shells and risqué postcards which of course were mild just like the Carry On films were, when compared to the diet of sex and violence kids are exposed to now.



Ok so I went to Actonville market on Saturday and bought a Wonderbag which I am going to use to make tomorrow nights supper.  I just visited their website  and found a recipe for Greek Stiphado beef so i am of to get the beef and try it. I will report back soon on how I found it. This is an energy saving bag made for rural Africa and works in suburbia too I am sure.

This picture is from their website so I hope they don’t mind me using to promote to you my friends


Panna Cotta

I love Panna Cotta and it is so versatile that you can make it for vegan’s, vegetarians, banting, paleo and most kinds of diets or eating habits.

The basic recipe from the Thermomix Gluten Free and Wheat Free cooking book is

500g fresh cream
250g milk
150g sugar or 100g honey
1tsp Vanilla extract
20g gelatine leaves
100g of brandy

Place all ingredients except brandy and gelatine into the thermomix bowl and cook for 6 minutes at 80 c on speed 3.

Soak gelatine leaves in cold water until they are soft, squeeze out excess water and put into thermomix bowl with brandy. combine for 10 seconds on speed 3. I would do on reverse cycle.

Poor into ramekins or small pots and levee in fridge for a couple of hours. Serve with berries and shortcake biscuits or tuple biscuits.

Panna Cotta with berries and berry coolie

Panna Cotta with berries and berry coolie

Low fat diets use low fat plain yoghurt but remember they add sugar to improve taste so I always use full fat greek style yoghurt.

For Vegan change to coconut or almond milk and use Agar Agar for setting

For Banting take out sugar and use xylitol or stevia .

I would also leave out the brandy as I prefer the creamy taste from the products and alcohol is a toxin our bodies can do without.

I suppose one of the things I love the most is how versatile this dish is. So go and try it and maybe for Christmas make this instead of the traditional trifle or plum pudding

Try flavouring using chai tea or lemongrass or maybe lavender –  the edible kind. Imagine and try.

Hectic Time

Hectic times seem to have been around for a while and I have not posted on here as I would have liked. With catering and Thermomix Demonstrations, as well as family life it seems to get busier everyday; but that is the same for everyone I think.

It is springtime here in Benoni and the Jakaranda trees are in bloom and they look amazing. The blooms don’t last long but while they do it just cheers up my day when I see them. Yesterday I had to photograph one and it was quite funny because everyone here is on their guard against crime. Anyway the owner to the home saw me and asked what I was doing. When I said just taking a picture of his tree he laughed and told me to have a good day. Here is that tree. We need to speak to each other more up in Gauteng.


Jakaranda time in South Africa