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Beetroot, mint and Apple Sorbet


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A little taste of great ingredients

Beetroot, mint and Apple Sorbet

Last night I was demonstrating Thermomix to a friend and we made the sorbet as usual but the flavour was very different. We used a mixture of beetroot, apple and mint and we got a lovely sorbet which was healthy and very nutritious.

Here is the recipe:

150g agave sugar
zest of one lemon
320g of apple slices and beetroot chunks (we used about equal amounts)
3 sprigs of fresh mint
2 x 350 g ice cubes

We put the first four ingredients in the Thermomix and then we added 350g of ice cubes.

20 seconds at speed 10 in the Thermomix

then add 350 g more ice and then run at speed 10 for around a minute using the Thermomix spatula to help get all the ice crushed.

Serve in a small bowl with some coconut shards.

Margarita Time

So we are busy now arranging a cooking class for 19 November 2016 with Christmas being the theme and I thought well what do you need at Christmas apart from presents and food and of course because it is summer time here in December, what could be nicer than  a good Margarita, apart from maybe a Cosmo.

Went to my basic Thermomix cookbook and got this simple recipe


Tequila Time

150g Tequila
60g Orange liqueur
3 limes pipped and peeled
100 -150g of sugar or xylatol
500g ice cubes

Place everything in the thermomix except ice cubes and blend for 15 seconds speed 6
add ice cubes and blend again for 1 minute at speed 10.
rub rim of glass with a little lemon juice and then dip in fine salt. Add the drink and hey presto good to go.

Thanks Thermomix once again.

Sunday Mornings

I wish I could say weekends are quiet for us but in fact they are probably our busiest time as we make food for a local restaurant. Today we had platters for a memorial service and so we started at 04:00.

Next part of today is finalising the menu for Kombuis Kaptin competition tomorrow and then preparing for Thermofest tomorrow. So looking forward to it.


Thermomix is an amazing appliance and I enjoy being a consultant for them here in South Africa


Kombuis Kaptain heat. Asia meets East Rand